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This form is to inquire about a custom order, and/or ask general questions! Please make sure to include your email address or I will not be able to respond to your request! All inquires will be answered in 1-5 business days!
If you're here to request a custom piece or ask about getting a sold out piece remade, please include as many details as possible and I will get back to you with a price quote or to ask further questions! You can also send requests directly to my email if you prefer, but please still be specific! 
(Email: sarah@thewickedology)
Please do not send any vague requests, if you need some ideas of what to get, you can see my Instagram for some ideas! (@thewickedology)
Processing time for customs is 1-6 weeks depending on the request, items, and my order volume at the time. If you need your piece by a certain date, please make sure to ask ahead of time!

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